Mar20 - Mar22, 2024
                    National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai)
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                    The 2024 Fastener Expo Shanghai will take place on March 20 -22, 2024 at National Exhibition and Convention Center(Shanghai).
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                    Date & Venue
                    March 20-22, 2024
                    National Exhibition & Convention Center
                    No.333, Songze Avenue, Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai

                    Fastener Expo Shanghai(FES) is the most comprehensive event and networking platform serving the fastener and fixing industries in Asia. At FES your products take center stage before the most diverse range of buyers in the industry. Retailers, wholesalers, distributors and other industry leaders trust FES to deliver the newest products, trends and innovations to the industry. This year and every year these industry leaders are in attendance and fill our aisles.

                    Tong Ming Enterprise was established in 1996 by the TONG group in the Jiaxing Economic Development Zone, Zhejiang Province, China. The Tong group is the international stainless steel fastener giant with the prominent "THE" and "TONG" head marking. The TONG group manufactures stainless steel fasteners with production bases in Malaysia, Thailand and China. Tong Ming guarantees and stands 100% behind the quality of its products. The ubiquitous "THE" and "TONG" head marks are renowned around the world for the quality it stands for.
                    Aozhan Industry is a large-scale enterprise that integrates design, development, production, and sales of high-quality stainless steel products. It was established in October 2005, with a registered capital of 181 million yuan and a factory building of over 8600 square meters. The Aofeng fasteners produced by the company are made of high-quality stainless steel materials from domestic and foreign brands such as SUS304 series, SUS316 series, and higher requirements. In 2022, the total sales exceeded 4 billion yuan, ranking first in the industry nationwide.
                    GEM-YEAR Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in November 1995 with a registered capital of 792.69 million yuan. It was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in January 2007 with a stock code of 601002. After years of development, GEM-YEAR has accumulated rich experience in fastener production, R&D, distribution and other fields whose products are widely used in electrical appliances, automobiles, bridges, high-speed railways, aerospace and so on in the fields of construction, electric power, energy, steel structure, construction machinery and other fields.
                    Shenzhen Dahe Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in July 2003 and is located in Shenzhen, China. It is one of the professional manufacturers that produced drilling screws and self-drilling screws earlier in China. In order to serve the customers more conveniently, the company established Hebei Branch in June 2008. Shenzhen Dahe has built a modern, high-standard profesional production line ofc drill tail screw, all of the equipment are imported from Germany, Japan,Taiwan and now its annual output of high-quality and multi-variety drill screw exceeded 60,000 tons.
                    In 2013, Nedschroef established Nedschroef Fasteners Corporation in Kunshan, China. In 2014, Nedschroef set up a subsidiary focusing entirely on the aviation industry meanwhile Shanghai Prime Machinery Company took full ownership of the Nedschroef Group. In 2015, it acquired the Whitesell with two sites in Germany, which were then renamed to Nedschroef Schrozberg and Nedschroef Beckingen. With the acquisition of engineering company CP Autosport in 2017, Nedschroef added in-depth expertise to the development of advanced components.
                    Ningbo Jinding Fastening Piece Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 and located in Jiulonghu town, Zhenhai district, Ningbo, it specializes in the production of all kinds of high strength fasteners, with annual capacity of 100,000 tons, output value over CNY 1 billion, export value worth USD 135 million. The products are in conformity with GB, ISO, DIN, AS, ASME / IFI, BS, JIS standard, etc and are exported to Asia, Oceania, North America, South America, Europe and Africa and are highly praised by global customers.
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